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How to Navigate Divorce if You Own Your Own Business

It’s not uncommon for partners in a marriage to become partners in a business. Whether you open a small brick and mortar shop or work remotely for your own company, starting a business with your spouse isn’t always as simple as it seems, especially if your marriage ends in divorce. And some small business owners…

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Is Fair the Same as Equal?

One could argue that divorce is never fair. It’s never fair that you’ve experienced such heartbreak that would lead to the end of a relationship you once thought of as forever. But since it did, it’s now in your best interest to work with a family law expert to ensure that you get your fair…

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Can I Get A Portion of My Spouse’s Pension?

There’s more to divorce than the emotional toll. In almost every case, there are financial considerations that need to be addressed. Does your spouse have a pension? Are you entitled to any of that money? A pension earned during a marriage is considered a joint asset, so it is very possible that you could get…

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Time for Divorce: When Is Best for Your Kids?

You want a divorce. The reasons are your own, and there could be many complicated reasons, but the split is inevitable. But what if you have kids? When is the best time to get a divorce if you are keeping your children in mind? There are always financial and familial considerations that can be made,…

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Can My Job Affect my Chance for Custody?

Are you wondering if your specific job is enough to affect your chances to get joint or sole custody of your child or children? There is a lot to unpack here, so it’s essential that you contact an expert in family law right here in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Cumming. To give you an…

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Recordings and Child Custody Cases in Atlanta

Family law, and specifically divorce and child custody, is a complicated matter. It’s not important that you understand every aspect of the law and what goes into it, but it is important that you work with a local Atlanta area attorney who specializes in family law. One question we’re frequently asked is about recording. Nanny…

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