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Child Abuse/Family Violence

How Do Protective Orders Work Under Georgia Law?

In the state of Georgia, a temporary protective order (TPO) is a court order that prohibits an individual from abusing, harassing, or stalking another person. There must be a certain relationship between the parties in order to be eligible for a TPO. Examples of these relationships include current spouses, former spouses, parents who share children,…

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What To Do If Your Child is a Victim of Child Abuse

What do you do if a child makes an allegation of sexual abuse? The child tells you that he or she has been sexually touched. It is a nightmare scenario, both for alleged abuser trying to defend him or herself, and for the parent trying to protect the child from abuse. This is not an…

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What Is a Guardian Ad Litem?

A Georgia court can appoint a Guardian Ad Litem in a child custody dispute to represent the best interest of the children who are involved in the dispute. A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney who must meet certain qualifications in order to serve in this capacity, which are outlined at length in Georgia court…

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Family Violence Restraining Orders

In the state of Georgia, if your divorce or family law case involves domestic violence, you may wish to ask the court for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO). This type of court order can prohibit one party from engaging in certain types of behavior toward or contact with the other party. In order to be…

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How Does Family Violence Impact a Child Custody Case?

When making a child custody order, the judge will consider a number of different factors, all of which impact the best interest of a child. Among these factors are a history of family violence, abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and criminal activity by either parent. If one parent has been convicted on a domestic violence charge,…

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