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Is My Spouse is Concealing Assets?

Financial infidelity is regrettably common in marriages, especially when one partner is not involved with paying bills, managing cash flow, or working with the financial advisor. When the marriage ends in divorce, the spouse who handled the finances often tries to hide cash and investments and falsify debts and expenses. If you have always left…

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Am I Entitled to Part of My Spouse’s Pension?

Pensions belonging to either spouse may constitute marital property under Georgia law, at least to the extent that the spouse contributed to the pension during the marriage, causing it to appreciate in value. This may be the case even if all or part of the pension is unvested. Typically, if the parties agree or the…

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Who Gets the Vacation Home in a Georgia Divorce?

It is quite common for families to own a second home or vacation home, either in another part of Georgia or in a different state altogether. As a result, when the couple decides to divorce, they also must decide how to equitably divide the vacation home in their divorce. One simple solution is to sell the…

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