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Father’s rights is not really an area of law but it is rather a philosophy that the father is an equal parent with the mother. He should have no less chance or opportunity to be a parent to his children, and he should have no more responsibility to pay support for his children or any less entitlement to be paid support from the mother of his children if he is awarded custody of the children. To sum it up, any discrimination based upon gender is unconscionable and at the Shaw Law Firm we are passionate about this. Shaw Law Firm has built its remarkable reputation in large part on addressing such issues.

What the Shaw Law Firm is about is not politics, is not philosophizing about the way things should be, and commiserating and whining that it is just not fair, it is just not fair, but rather hardheaded and pragmatic solutions to dealing with these issues in the real world. No, things are not always fair, yes there is built in institutional bias that does not favor the father. Beyond just subconscious bias, far more often than not, it will be the mother who stays home with the children and the father that goes out into the world and makes a living. In the modern world that is not the case as often as it once was. In many cases mom and dad both work full-time jobs and they will therefore start out on an equal playing field. Do not let anyone tell you any different on this issue, particularly your wife. What I want to know about is who actually cares for the children, who actually is best suited to care for the children, to provide for the children, to nurture the children, to provide stability for the children, to educate the children, to protect the children, who has the best character, mental health, positive disposition, are there any drug and alcohol issues, who sleeps in until noon on a daily basis, and a whole host of other issues regarding the children and their likely future in the care and custody of each respective parent. It is not about the parents, it is about the children. It is also not about the past, as child custody cases are about the present and future best interest of the children. This is true whether or not your wife works or not. If your marriage is falling apart, mom is going to have to get a job herself. She is not going to be able to be a stay at home mom forever.

This aspect of a “stay at home” mom can also be very misleading, I have handled many cases where just because dad works full-time and mom stays at home that does not mean that dad is not really the children’s primary caretaker and their best suited caretaker. It comes down to examining and dicing the evidence, and even where the evidence of getting primary custody may not exist in the end, that does not mean that it is in the children’s best interest for dad being relegated to being a weekend dad, and it does not mean that dad is the only party with the responsibility for financially supporting the family. Yes, dads do win custody. Yes, dads even win custody in cases where mom is a stay at home mom. We win such cases all the time. If we can win custody for an active duty Sergeant in the U.S. Marines against a stay at home mother do not write off your chances of getting something better then being “kindly” offered every other weekend with your children, or what is referred to as being a “weekend dad”. We cannot win every case, and frankly not every case is winnable, but I will tell you, we will work every case to gain you the best results possible. All we ask from you is too cooperate and help us help you. You are your children’s dad and you are no less important than their mom.

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