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Every family situation following a divorce or separation is unique. Therefore, what may be a typical parenting schedule for one family may be quite different for another family. Creating a parenting plan for an infant or a very small child during your divorce or paternity case is complicated. There are considerations that simply may not be present if parents were creating a plan involving an older child or a teenager. As a result, there may be different issues to think through when dealing this type of parenting plan.

For instance, both parents are likely to want to preserve their relationship with their child as much as possible, despite their separation. However, spending quality time with an infant is very different than spending quality time with a school-aged child. Spending time and caring for an infant often involves feeding, changing, and watching the child sleep, whereas spending time with an older child often involves specific activities that the child enjoys.

Furthermore, parenting plans for older children are often structured around school attendance and activities, making evenings and weekends the logical time for visitation to occur. However, infants or children who are not of school-age do not have these constraints. As a result, parents may choose to split time with the child more evenly throughout the week, perhaps in accordance with their work schedules. There is the tendency for more frequent visitation with a younger child in shorter increments, but this is not always the case, depending on the situation. Again, parents need to arrive at a parenting plan that works for their situation, which may not be what is typical or appropriate for another family.

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