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When Divorce is the Only Choice

No one wants a divorce, but every day, decent, upstanding people are forced into these situations. The steps it takes to “undo” a marriage or “divide” up your belongings are almost as numerous and complex as the steps it took to plan the wedding. Sadly, these steps are arduous, emotionally charged, and downright painful.

At Shaw Law PC, we will stay focused on the future, stay strong for you when you do not feel strong, go the course and take the hard steps needed to face this daunting challenge.

We know you are feeling angry, hurt, betrayed and vulnerable. We may not always tell you what you WANT to hear, but we will tell you what you NEED to hear to get through this situation.

Scott Shaw will stand beside you to gain control over the situation and work hard to reach a workable solution for you.

What is your biggest concern?

Keeping My Kids

Making sure children are properly cared for, physically and financially, should be the #1 concern of both parents.

Take steps to take care of your kids. 

Getting My Share

Unraveling the finances for two adults requires laser-attention to detail and an unrivaled knowledge of the law.

Let's get started defining what's yours.

Earning a Living

If you gave up a career for family responsibilities, entering the work force could require education or experience.

Find out what's possible for you.

Five Star Ratings

Threats to Take Son

I was an emotional wreck because my ex had threatened to take my son out of the state against my will. I thought because he was my son's father that he could do it too. Scott informed me of my rights that I did not even know that I had. He immediately sprang into action and got an emergency order from the court. He handled everything quickly and attentively while reassuring me through the process. I really am grateful for all that he did for my son and I. The end result was totally in my favor. I highly recommend him and thank him for his representation.

False Accusations

My wife made false accusation throughout a lengthy divorce and withheld my children from me... brilliant at deposition (where he utterly tore her apart) and exposed her lies with evidence he guided me to gather prior to our case....extremely detail-oriented and knows the law well...[in] the final trial Mr. Shaw was able to counter everything that was thrown at us through ...evidence and facts. Divorce is a difficult change, process and battle but having Mr. Shaw in your corner definitely helps. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Shaw.

What a Relief

It was a relief mentally and emotionally to have an attorney appear on behalf of my son and I that into court prepared and knew the facts of the case and the applicable law and present it all in a coherent fashion. Thank you again! --- William M. 

No B.S. Attitude

Mr. Shaw is one heck of an attorney and his no B.S. attitude is what won me over in the first place. --- Jason P. 

Won Custody of My Kids

Mr. Shaw won custody for me of my little boy and teenage daughter, despite my now ex-wife influencing my daughter to testify at trial and to elect to reside with her, and Mr. Shaw cut through this chafe at trial, through the B.S. and distortions, destroyed my ex’s case, and I have custody of my two kids as a very happy father. --- Mark S. 

Grandparents Win Custody

We would like to thank you for all your hard work in helping us get custody of Brett and Brittany. You are their savior. You helped these two little angels have a stable home for the first time in their little lives. --- Tom & Debra C.

Can Shaw Law get results for you?

Tell us about your situation.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney in Georgia

With so many divorce and family law attorneys in the Atlanta area, it can be difficult to decide which attorney you should hire for your divorce case. When you consider which lawyer to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the firm focus only on family law? If not, they may not have the expertise to negotiate or litigate a complex case.
  • Do you have a complicated case, like an international or out-of-state custody dispute? Even experienced divorce attorneys may not be qualified or willing to take on such complexities, which can include arranging personal service in a foreign country or handling complex jurisdiction issues between states.
  • How many open cases does each attorney handle? If an attorney tries to handle too many cases at once, you may not get the attention or quality work that you need and deserve.
  • How fast can your case get started? Some attorneys have a limited response time and are simply unable to handle emergencies in a timely manner.
  • Does the attorney speak "straight" with you? Does he or she know what they are doing? Can your attorney give you a plan? Does your attorney have a track record of real world success and not just empty words or awards?

At Shaw Law Firm PC, we are able to provide the expertise, attention and speed that many of our competitors cannot. When necessary, we have taken on emergency cases, even the night before a court date, so as to protect our client’s interests. Even more importantly, we have the expertise to handle complex family law issues effectively and efficiently, with a track record to back it up.

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