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It is not uncommon for a man to discover many years after a child’s birth that he is the child’s father. Georgia’s child support laws only address a parent’s prospective child support obligation in a situation in which the parents of the child are not married.  In other words, the statute does not specifically require a parent to pay retroactive or back child support for the time period stretching from the child’s birth until the point at which the mother requests a child support order.

Nonetheless, Georgia case law does make it possible for a custodial parent to request reimbursement of what is referred to as “past due expenditures” from the noncustodial parent.  Past due expenditures can include medical and hospitalization expenses for the child during the pregnancy, as well as during and after the child’s birth.  However, past due expenditures are limited to expenses that the mother actually incurred for the child.  A mother could not ask the father to reimburse her for the birthing expenses that she did not actually pay, but that, for instance, an insurance company paid.

Furthermore, the court must consider the respective incomes of both mother and father in deciding how to allocate responsibility for past due expenditures, or whether to order the father to reimburse the mother for these types of expenses.  This factor limits father’s responsibility for the child’s expenses, in that the mother also could remain responsible for those expenses, particularly if her income is at a level at which she can easily afford those expenses.

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