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There is a time and place for litigation and a time and place to settle. While we always work to resolve your issues in the most efficient way possible, it is a fact that it takes both sides to settle any type of case. As a result, litigation is a necessary fact of many complex, emotionally charged Georgia divorce or child custody cases. Regardless of the method used to resolve your issues, advocating from a position of strength will always provide the best outcome.


We believe that in most cases, we will be the best attorneys you can retain for your case. Family law has been the exclusive focus of Shaw Law Firm, PC since 1995. It’s all we do, and we have become very good at it. Find out for yourself why we are the right attorneys to handle your divorce or child custody case. Call us at 770-594-8309 and learn why we are the right law firm for you.

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Stocks Options and Divorce

A stock option is the right of an employee to purchase a certain amount of shares of his or her employer’s company stock at a specific time and for a fixed price. The employee is not required to purchase the stock, but can do so whenever he or she chooses to do so. Many large corporations and business start-ups offer their employees stock options as part of their compensation and benefits package. Stock options are attractive because they allow the employer to provide an incentive for the employee to stay … Continue reading

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Valuation of Businesses During a Divorce

One of the most difficult tasks in a divorce can be placing a value on a family-owned business, and then determining how to divide its value equitably between the spouses. This can be one of the most contentious and complex issues before the court in a Georgia divorce, simply because the process can involve so much uncertainty, and because the business may be the biggest asset that the parties own. There are different ways to measure the value of a business, including fair market value, fair value, investment value, and … Continue reading

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Where and When to File for Child Support

There are a few different ways that you can go about filing for child support in the state of Georgia, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your situation. First, if you are married, you have the right to file for divorce or legal separation and ask for a child support order through those proceedings. Alternatively, you can just file a request for a child support order from the court if you aren’t sure whether you want to file for divorce or separation yet. You typically file for divorce in … Continue reading

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Vehicles and Vehicle Loans in Your Divorce

Any vehicles that you obtain during your marriage, or that you use marital funds to pay for, can constitute marital property under Georgia law. All marital property, including vehicles, can be equitably divided by the court in a divorce. However, when vehicles are encumbered by vehicle loans, the couple also must deal with payment of the outstanding debt that is secured by the vehicle. The general rule is that if a spouse decides to keep an asset, such as a vehicle, in a divorce, then he or she also will … Continue reading

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Why Clients Love Us

We are passionate about our work, our clients, and getting our clients the best results possible in each and every case. Each case is different and special, and there are real lives at stake. We take this responsibility very seriously and welcome the challenges that each case brings.

Shaw Law Firm PC is specifically devoted to divorce, child custody, and related family law matters. We handle no other types of cases, which leaves us free to focus on a single area of practice.

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Scott Shaw is the founder and principal of Shaw Law Firm LLC, which he founded in 1995. Mr. Shaw graduated with honors from law school and holds an M.B.A. from Duke University. Mr. Shaw himself has handled over 1000 cases and accepts nothing but excellence in handling his cases. Shaw Law Firm LLC has become known for handling the most difficult and complex cases in the practice area of family law.   We are frequently retained by clients as their second or third attorney, after previous attorneys were not able to properly handle the matter. We gladly take on such cases and have a track record of success in turning such cases around. However, it should not be so difficult to find co...Continue Reading

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Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia An example of a victory in the appellate courts and our ability to deal with complex international issues in family law cases.

Henry County, McDonough, Georgia Two different trials, in front of two different judges, we won physical custody and primary legal custody for client at both.

Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia After a successful appeal, client was awarded more than $50,000 in back support that her first attorney had negotiated away, the illegal settlement agreement was set aside, and we entered into a settlement that was fair to client.

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