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Family law in Metro Atlanta, Georgia is the exclusive focus of Shaw Law Firm, PC, since 1995.

Beyond legal considerations, these issues ALWAYS involve complex financial questions too:

Scott Shaw holds an MBA in addition to his law degree, making him the ideal choice when financial questions abound in a divorce or custody situation.

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Why Clients Love Us

Dad Wins Custody of Daughters

After walking out of my hearing winning custody of my girls, I realized I just got a result exactly like I read on the Shaw Law Firm website! Thank you! --- Edward M. 

A Bulldog in the Courtroom

My wife tried everything she could to hold me up for as much as she could - from staged photos of booze in the refrigerator, to use of a cast on her ankle, to alleging abuse, and finally that I was hiding funds from her. Mr. Shaw cut through all this noise, tore her apart at two hearings that my wife initiated, and did a great job for me. I will not hesitate to refer him to others. In the end we got a great settlement that we could not have gotten without the great work Mr. Shaw did in court.  --- Bobby P.

Ex Tries to Keep Kids

It was a mother's worse nightmare, my children were not on the plane home after visiting my ex for the summer. But it got worse. My ex had filed a phony abuse claim to try to keep my kids with him. I feared with Social Services involved and other red tape, I'd never see my kids again. The Shaw Law Firm immediately took action, contacted all the right people, and I had my kids safely back with me in THREE DAYS! My ex has since lost all visitation rights. I am so thankful the Shaw Law Firm knew exactly what to do to help me. --- Lynn R. 

Winning in Court

I did extensive leg-work before selecting representation in this case, you came out on top and I have never regretted that decision. When we were finally forced to appear in court, you surpassed any and all my expectations. --- Mike W.

Husband Says He’s Going to Take Everything

My husband said he was going to take me for everything, my business, alimony, stock, everything. And he was -- until I switched attorneys! Mr. Shaw immediately took charge of the case, took the steps necessary to win the case, and he was brilliant at trial. We won every issue and I could not have been more ecstatic. --- Margaret M.

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Scott Shaw is the founder and principal of Shaw Law Firm PC, which he founded in 1995.

Mr. Shaw graduated with honors from law school and holds an MBA from Duke University. He has handled over 1000 cases and has developed a reputation for handling difficult and complex family law cases.

When Mr. Shaw is not practicing law, he is raising his twins (a boy and a girl), enjoying The Big Bang Theory, following the Vikings despite the 40 years since their last Super Bowl appearance, and struggling mightily with his own tennis game.


In His Own Words

"Divorce and child custody are all we do and all we want to do. It is our passion and our privilege to represent our clients during an extremely emotional process.

We'll do everything we can to make the situation turn out right."

Scott Shaw

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Case Results

  • Wife Supports Husband's Career

    Our client, Wife, has one child with Husband, a sales executive for a NASDAQ tech company, who earns close to $1 million/year. Husband commits adultery and is caught; divorce ensues. Shaw Law Firm PC utilized a vocational expert and an economic expert to determine lost income and earning capacity of Wife, which she sacrificed to support her husband’s career.
    Case Result: After three days of a jury trial, Husband made settlement offer awarding Wife 75% of the marital assets and six figures per year in alimony for five years, plus child support.
    Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Complex Financial Holdings Unfairly Valued

    Our client, Husband, is a high-level executive at an international corporation who receives multiple forms of compensation, from multiple countries, creating a complex matter for divorce proceedings. Shaw Law Firm PC was retained as the second attorney, after the first failed to reach settlement. Husband committed adultery during a long-term marriage in which Wife had deferred her career to Husband’s career in order to raise their now college-age child. Wife was demanding $5 million in stock options and other assets, along with close to $1 million in alimony. Wife’s attorney and a financial expert were greatly inflating the value of stock options and other assets. The key in this case was to be very precise and simplify the complexity of all these assets.
    Case Result: Wife was awarded just 1/10th of what she had demanded in stock options and only three years of alimony.
    Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Family Business Valuation Key to Case

    Wife retained Shaw Law Firm PC after a failed attempt by another attorney. Wife had inherited a family business from her parents. Husband had worked as the President of the business for 20 years and was demanding an enormous settlement for his interest in the business. We brought in the a top business valuation specialist and witnesses who could show the husband’s poor management of the business and drug use contributed to the lack of value in the business.
    Case Result: Husband was awarded only $25,000 for his 20 years of service to the business. We calculated the after-inflation appreciation of the business, arguing that the remainder of the business value was premarital property. Wife saved her family business and continues to thrive. She also was awarded full custody of her children.
    Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, Georgia

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